a community of saints

Yesterday.. we celebrated the catholic church day of obligations.. Feast of All Saints.. Nov 1st..

The catholic church calendar has a few days of obligation in a year. In Singapore, we have assumption day, ascension day, all saints and Christmas..

The saints of the catholic church is celebrated to remind us that Saints are the closest to God.. Saints are usually people of Great faith and God is everything to them in life. They like you and me are ordinary people while on earth live a life trying their outmost best to please God in doing His will in everyday circumstances and detest sin.

Saints are perfect example for us catholics or even non catholics to imitate if we want to live a life for God.

The canonized saints are the ones sanctioned by the church. The church has even given them an official feast day to be celebrated in their honor which is usually their death anniversary.

Some saints are noted for helping people in a particular distress..take  for   example.. St Jude.. St Jude is well known for hopeless cases.. i.e people who has almost given up trying to find  solutions to their difficulties in their lives. Likewise.. St Maria goretti .. for chastity and many others.

Please don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t mean that your petitions to the saints will your prayers answered for your petitions. Nay.. God ultimately has the final say as to whether to answer them or not.. and of course in His time and His way..

There are also saints in our everyday life. example you good friend who depicts a very devout life for God is also a saint in that sense. He or she is trying to live a life that please God.. Not big thing but every ordinary thing including mundane things that is done with the spirit of love and faith and compassion for the love of God and fellow man.. Now isn’t that saintly??


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